If you’re a Hoosier hunter that has always wanted to hunt with a crossbow, or someone that needs to hunt with a crossbow, now is your chance.  The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has passed a bill allowing the use of a crossbow starting in the 2012 archery season.  Previously, crossbows were limited to people who possessed a a special permit, usually as a result of a disability or injury preventing the use of a vertical bow.  Now, anyone holding a legal hunting license will have the opportunity to hunt with a crossbow, no matter their physical ability.  This is not only great news for Indiana hunters wanting to try a crossbow previously, but also great news for the recruitment of new Hoosier hunters to the deer woods.  Because of the nature of crossbows, they make great weapons of choice for children and women who may not be able to handle the draw weight required from a vertical bow, or those who may be intimidated by the recoil of a gun.  But don’t think for a minute that the crossbow is only for women, kids, or the handicapped.  Here in ohio, where they have been legal for over 30 years, more than have of all deer hunters, at some point during the season use a crossbow.  That means many able body men are using them during archery season.  With the crossbow being deadly accurate, and not requiring as much practice as a vertical bow, it just might be the option for the Indiana hunter who has been swallowed up by career and family responsibilities leaving little time for practice.  Crossbows are easy to sight in, are very accurate at archery ranges, and just plain fun to shoot. 

  For more information on crossbow hunting, check out the Crossbow Nation website. There you will find a wealth of knowledge all catered to the crossbow hunter or enthusiast.  Weather you’re a seasoned crossbow hunter, or just starting out, Crossbow Nation is the place to be for your crossbow information. Join the Nation!!!